Civic integration

If you are new to the Netherlands, it is important that you know how people interact with each other. What is normal and what is not? How do you talk to your neighbors? What do you say to the doctor? Have you lived in the Netherlands for some time, then it is useful that you know where to find information about vacancies. It is important that you know enough words. You will also make sentences. Words and phrases that you can often use while on the street, in the shop, at the police or at work.

NT2 Digital is a school where you learn all this. You learn alone, in groups or in the classroom. You will be taught by a teacher. Together you learn and make assignments to better understand the Netherlands and its people. When you're done, take your exam. Did you graduate, then you can naturalize and apply for a Dutch passport.

Civic integration at nt2digital

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State examination NT2, programma I & II


Before you go to school, we first meet. During our first meeting we look at your language level. We discuss your schedule and how long you will be taught.

State examination NT2, programma I & II

Types of courses

At NT2 Digitaal you choose a course that is best for you:

  • Do you want individual lessons? Then you make an appointment with the teacher.
  • You can also take digital lessons via Skype. You decide how long the lesson lasts.
  • Want to teach in the group? Then you have lessons as a grid. You get 2 times a week. One lesson lasts 3 hour. Group lessons are in the morning, afternoon and evening.

  • Homework is very important in every course. Homework is your preparation for class. The teacher also prepares for the lesson. This is how you work towards the exam together.
State examination NT2, programma I & II


Take your individual lessons, then you make your timetable together with the teacher. You agree:

  • when you start.
  • on which parts of the day you want lessons ('in the morning, At noon or in the evening).
  • What are you teaching periods.
  • at which location you want to have lessons (at home or at school, digitally or with the teacher).

Do you opt for group lessons, then you will be in the group that suits you best. The group lesson:

  • is given in the Ouderkerkerlaan 26 NT2 state exam I Diemen, nearby Amsterdam
  • consists of 2 times a week
  • erase in the morning, In the afternoon or evening;
  • is with maximum 12 other students.
State examination NT2, programma I & II


You will also receive exam training. You will be taking tests on the computer. The result of your test shows whether you are ready for the exam. If not, then you practice with the parts that you still find difficult. If you are ready for your exam, then you will register yourself!

The integration exam consists of 5 components:

  • Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNS): you learn about work and income, manners, health(sorghum), organizations, living, history and geography, constitution and rule of law and education and upbringing;
  • Spoken Dutch button (TGN): you will practice repeating sentences, answer questions and contradictions;
  • A writing exam at A2 level.
  • A reading exam at A2 level.
  • A listening exam at A2 level.