Does your child need extra language lessons?

Learning a language is difficult. It is necessary to practice reading every day, speaking and writing. Maybe your child did not do this enough when the schools were closed. Learning is easier at school than at home, especially for a child because learning together is great.

Many parents ask us if we give language lessons to children. In June we will start giving language lessons to children from 4 until 12 year. They learn language at primary school, but some children need an extra helping hand. We also want to show parents what and how children learn language. As a parent, you can help your child learn the Dutch language at home. We give you tips to learn the language together in a fun way.

We only give group lessons because children also learn from each other.

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Extra language lessons

In June we give until the summer holidays during the remainder and after school extra language lessons for children who need it.

Summer school

Also during the summer holidays that start in mid-July, our language school is open. For example, your child can receive a make a good start in the new school year.


For one hour of language lessons you pay € 19
For a subscription for 10 lessons you pay € 150

Information and registration

For more information about the days and times and to register for extra language lessons and for the summer school, please call or text 06-18988289 or email to

Learning a lot together in a playful way

Language is much more than reading, writing and speaking. The language also contains Dutch culture, make jokes, play language games, sing and listen to songs. We teach children to read aloud. They can then take their parents home, brothers and sisters to read nice stories. This way everyone learns new words and thus increases their vocabulary. If you know many words, you learn to make sentences. Making good sentences is the basis of speaking a language, write and understand.
Reading a lot helps!

Together with you and your child, we write down what your child learns. We call this learning goals. We go towards our goal in small steps. After a while we will give your child a report to show you that your child is getting better at language.

With language you get to know the culture

We also talk to the children and parent(s) about the parties that are celebrated at school. Parties are part of Dutch culture, for instance:

  • Treat to your birthday
  • St. Maarten, singing songs in front of the neighbors with lanterns
  • Carnival and going to school dressed up
  • To look for Easter eggs
  • Pajamas breakfast
  • Liberation Day and the meaning of 4 on 5 May
  • Christmas dinner in festive clothes
  • Musical in group 8
A child can tell us about the parties that belong to your culture. Learning from each other is important to us.

State examination NT2, programma I & II

Language gives a future

If you know the language and the Dutch culture well, then you make friends with Dutch people more easily and you learn to speak Dutch even better. It is good for everyone to also have Dutch friends.