State Exam NT2, course I & II

Do you already speak a bit Dutch and do you want to learn more? Or do you speak almost fluently Dutch and wish to study MBO, HBO or in the university? Then the State Exam is a perfect way to find out whether you speak, read and write sufficient Dutch. If you are interested in taking the MBO diploma, then course I would be the perfect match for you. If you want to study at HBO or at the university, the best choice would be course II.

NT2 Digitaal can help you achieve the level of Dutch necessary to pass the State Exam. You will study on your own, in groups or in the class. The teacher will practice with you and coach you to make sure you learn to write, speak, read and understand Dutch at a level where we believe you are ready to take the State Exam. When you pass the State Exam, you can write you self in at the university or a MBO or HBO college and begin your study of choice.

State Exam NT2, course I & II by Nt2digitaal

  • Getting acquainted
  • Type of courses
  • Schedule
  • Exams
  • Pass the exam
Staatsexamen NT2, programma I & II

Getting acquainted

Before you will start the course, we will first have a introduction meeting to get to acquainted. During our first meeting, we evaluate your language skills and determine your level in order to identify the right course for your needs. We will also talk about your schedule and make further plans in regards to number of hours and duration of the lessons.

Staatsexamen NT2, programma I & II

Type of courses

At NT2 Digitaal we help you choose the course that suits your needs best:

  • Do you prefer private lessons? Then you just make individual appointments with the teacher.
  • You can also get digital lessons via Skype. You decide how long each lesson should take.
  • Do you prefer group lessons? Then you will join classes according to a schedule. You will have classes 3 times per week. We offer groups lessons in the morning (09:00-12:00), noon (13:00-16:00) or in the evening ( 18:00-21:00).

  • Homework is an important part of our courses and is required of the student in order to prepare for class. The teacher also prepares for the class. Preparation is necessary for both student and teacher to make sure you benefit maximum from the lessons and develop your language skills. This way you work closely together with the teacher to get you ready for the exam.
Staatsexamen NT2, programma I & II


If you choose for private lessons, you will make a schedule with your teacher. You will make an agreement about the following:

  • which date to start the course
  • which time of day to have lessons (morning, mid day or evening)
  • which location (at home or at school, digital via Skype or with the teacher)

If you choose for group lessons, you will join the appropriate group:

  • which consists of maximum 6 students
  • with Location is in Ouddiemerlaan in Diemen
  • with lessons 3 times per week
  • with choice of joining groups in morning, mid day or evening

Staatsexamen NT2, programma I & II


You will also receive exam training. You will take various tests on the computer and the results will show whether you are ready for the exam or not. Should we reach the conclusion that you are not yet ready to take the exam, we will work more intensely on the specific areas that you find difficult. When you are ready for the exam you can register and take the exam.

The State Exam consists of four parts:

  • Reading: you will receive different texts (approx. 7) with appertaining questions (approx. 40). You will then have 100 minutes to read the questions and find the answers (A,B or C) in the texts.
  • Listening: You will receive a number of audio fragments (approx. 6) with appertaining questions (approx. 30). You will then have 70 minutes to listen to all the audio fragments and answer the questions correctly (A, B or C).
  • Writing: You will receive three assignments. Firstly, you will get a half sentence, which is already written and your task is to complete the sentence. Secondly, you will have to write a few short texts, for instance a short letter or email and/or answer them. The third and last assignment is writing a longer text such as a complaint, report or an article.
  • Talking: You will get two different assignments. In the first assignment you will have a conversation with one or two partners where you task is to answer the questions you are asked. In the second assignment you will get a picture or image that will show various situations. On basis of the information provided on the picture or image, you will have to explain the situation. Sometimes you will be asked your opinion or to give arguments to the given situation.


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