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We are here to help you improve your Dutch, for you to integrate better and more quickly into the Dutch society and work environment.

Why NT2 Digitaal?

At NT2 Digitaal we only work with certified teachers to make sure we offer the best value to our students. The classes we teach are in small groups so you will profit the most and learn exactly what is needed for you personally. If you already speak good Dutch, but feel you need to improve your writing skills then the focus will be on writing Dutch. If you feel you need to improove your vocabulary or grammar, then that is what we will work on. During the lessons we focus primarily on assignments where you need to interact with the other students and the teacher. Other assignments will have to be worked on at home and prepared for class. We also work with more practical issues that will help You in your daily life such as how to register at city hall or how to open a bank account. During the course you will create a personal language portfolio where you can see what you have learned and how much you have improved.

We work with the newest teaching methods, books and learning material available and we use professional exams to test your language development and progress. During the course we also offer the option to participate in excursions to museums such as Tropenmuseum, Verzermuseum, and Fotomuseum Amsterdam or other cultural activities like going to see Dutch movies in the cinema. You can also borrow Dutch films or music by us should you have interests in this. Last but not least we can also help you pairing up with a language buddy or help you find an internship at a company.

At NT2 Digitaal we do our best to have flexible hours to adjust to your schedule, and we focus a 100% on the needs of the group and the individual to make sure you receive the best training and improve your Dutch. We always teach on central locations easily reachable by public transport and with nearby parking lots, at your home or at your company. Are you ready to take the first step toward a better Dutch with NT2 Digitaal? Let´s begin!
Staatsexamen NT2, programma I & II

State Exam NT2, course I & II

Do you already speak a bit Dutch and do you want to learn more? Or do you speak almost fluently Dutch and wish to study MBO, HBO or in the university? Then the State Exam is a perfect way to find out whether you speak, read and write sufficient Dutch. If you are interested in taking the MBO diploma, then course I would be the perfect match for you. If you want to study at HBO or at the university, the best choice would be course II.



If you are new in the Netherlands we can help you get integrated into the Dutch society and feel more comfortable in your new surroundings. When you are new in a country it is important to get familiar with the "rules of engagement" and know how to interact with the local people. What is normal and what is not? How do you talk to your neighbors or the elderly? What do you say to the doctor? If you already live in the Netherlands for a while, it would be practical to know where to look for jobs and how you talk formally in a business environment. We can teach you how to make correct sentences and help you build a solid vocabulary so you can manage when talking with people on the street, in a shop, at the municipality or at your job.


  • Ik wil graag het examen Toets Gesproken Nederlands halen en de docent helpt mij...
    L.B.T HOANG student
  • Een leuke en enthousiaste manier van de taal leren...
    YONIT KEHA student
  • De lessen zijn niet te serieus, maar wel leuk en gemakkelijk...
    SANAE ERRZZAKI student

What does it cost?

The price for Dutch lessons is quoted per hour. There are several packages that you can choose for in order to fit your budget. The most attractive hourly rate you will find under group lessons.

  • Private and | or Skype

    100 x 12,50 Euro + GRATIS USB 4GB
    30 x 16,00 Euro
    20 x 18,50 Euro
    10 x 21,00 Euro
    Price per hour Prices are incl. VAT You can also pay in parts.
  • Group lessons Hours

    100 x 12,50 Euro + FREE USB 4GB
    30 x 16,00 Euro
    20 x 18,50 Euro
    10 x 21,00 Euro
    Price per hour Prices are incl. VAT You can also pay in parts.
  • Exam training

    100,00 euro p.p/2 uur

    Before you start your lessons, you first agree on how many lessons you want to follow. The lessons start after payment.
    Price per hour Prices are incl. VAT You can also pay in parts.

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